Octopus Energy Refer A Friend

Octopus Energy Refer A friend

£50 credit when you switch to Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy Refer A Friend – £50 Bonus When Switching

If you’ve stumbled upon this article, chances are you already know about Octopus Energy and looking for a referral reward to join. And yes, you’ve guessed it right. When you use my referral link to subscribe, you and I get the £50 credits to our accounts where the bulk of mine goes to charity. Over £1600 donated to charity so far (Sept 2023). You can also use my account number to get a referral bonus if you join over the phone or retrospectively wish to try and apply using my account number A-7B15D0E4 

The bulk of my referral bonus goes to charity. Check here!

The best part? Once you sign up, you can have your octopus energy referral code and share it with your friends and family. Then, whenever they subscribe using that energy referral code, both of you get £50 credited to your accounts.

How to Get Your Own Octopus Energy Referral Link? (Octopus Energy Cashback Link)

Octopus energy referral codes are a great way to earn some extra pennies while you preach what you use.

Luckily, you don’t have to enroll in any affiliate program to get your own referral code. Octopus energy provides a unique refer a friend code to all the customers.

First, you need to go to the octopus energy website and sign up using this link. (Cool tip: when you use my referrals, you and I both get a £50)

Once you sign up, you should be able to find it at the bottom of your online account dashboard page. Now you can share that with your network as much as you want.

That’s it! Check the section below to know more about how to join or sign up with Octopus Energy in just under two minutes. 

Now you can get your own energy referral and earn every time someone uses it!

How to Join Octopus Energy for Your Home and Get £50 Cashback/Credit When You First Sign Up

The process is pretty simple. First, you have to sign up using my referral link. 

Then, once you’re happy with the energy prices and make the switch, the process starts. It takes nearly 3-4 weeks to credit the £50 to both accounts.

To make it easier, here’s the step by step process to it:

  1. Go to their Get a Quote Page on the official website.
  2. Enter your postcode and click ‘get a quote.’
  3. Choose what you need. The more accurate information you give, the better. They have the options for both electricity and gas.
  4. Select the type of meter you use at your home.
  5. Click on quote me and get the price.
  6. Select the tariff that makes the most sense and sign up!

That’s it! You’re almost an Octopus energy customer now!

When Do You Get Paid for My Octopus Energy Referral Credit?

The credit is paid once the new user is on supply and their first month’s direct debit has been successfully taken. Octopus referral system automatically pays when both these events have happened, and the whole process typically takes around four weeks.

You will get £50 credit in your account and we will get money to donate to charity hence doing our bit.

Learn More About Octopus Payment Plans and Tariffs

The renown energy provider company provides a wide range of tariff options to choose from. If you decide to keep your old smart meter or SMETS1, pop in your postcode on this page. 

It’ll get you a complete list of their available and historical tariffs and a price breakdown of each.

In addition to that, Octopus does offer three extra tariffs for smart meter users. Here are the details:

Octopus Smart Tariffs for Smart Meters

Smart tariffs are a whole new way of buying and using green energy. They can save you money, work with smart devices, and are a key part of moving to a world powered completely by renewable energy.


Every night, you'll get six hours of low-cost smart charging. You tell us when you need your car, and we'll make sure it arrives on the greenest possible energy.

Customized energy plan for all.


Every night from 12:30-04:30 am, you'll get four hours of 12p/kWh super off-peak electricity.

Perfect for charging an electric vehicle.

Agile Octopus

Electricity rates are updated every half-hour and are based on wholesale pricing.

Shift your energy use outside the 4-7 pm peak to save money and pay less.

Regular (Old) Meter Tariffs As Of 2021

Here are the regular tariffs for the old meters as of August 2021:

  • flexibleOctopus: £80/mo (Average)
  • supergreenOctopus: £85/mo (Average)

What Payment Methods are Accepted for the Monthly Payment?

The preferred way for paying the monthly bill is Direct Debit. This is the most convenient and easier option for customers. 

However, if you prefer to use other options, Octopus Energy accepts these methods below: 

  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque and
  • Paypoint Cash Payment

When and How Do You Get Paid for Your Own Octopus Referral code?

Once you are signed up and get your own refer a friend code, you can share it in your networks. Whenever someone uses your referrals for joining, you both receive a credit of £50 in your account. 

But it won’t be transferred immediately after their joining. Once your friend or the new customer has signed up using your link, they need to switch to octopus energy and need to complete the first month’s direct debit. 

After that, you both get eligible for the £100 credits on both accounts. The credit will be transferred automatically within 3 to 4 weeks. If you earn enough referral rewards, they will do a bank transfer and you can spend it anyway you wish, how cool is that?

How to Check Your Referral Credit or Your Earnings?

Checking whether and how much you have received credit follow these steps:

  1. Log into your octopus energy account.
  2. Go to the Account Dashboard. You should be able to see your latest account balance there.
  3. Find the button to check your balance history. You can check any credit history as +£50 from Octopus Energy.

Note: If it isn’t there yet, it’s likely that the person you referred to is either still waiting to leave their old energy supplier or is in the process of setting up their Direct Debit.

Octopus Energy Referral Code


Let’s recap the process one last time. First, you sign up and switch to Octopus Energy from your current energy supplier. Then, when you have transferred and made the first month’s payment, you and I will receive a credit to our accounts if you signed up using my Octopus referral code.

Now that you have set up your account, you will receive your own Referral code. You can share it within your networks and encourage people to use it to sign up. Every time someone joins using that link, both you and they will receive a credit to your accounts.

Now, let’s answer some of the burning questions in your mind.

Get In Touch With Octopus (Contact Details)

Even though we have tried to clear up almost everything there is to make your switch easier. You might still have questions that needs to be answered directly from the support. 

Here’s the ways you can get connected with their award winning support team:

Octopus Energy Support Line: 0808 164 1088

Octopus energy Support Email:  hello@octopus.energy

Check How Much I have Saved in Just a Week

See below my savings in a week with Octopus Agile, the savings are unbelievable!

Wed 12th August 2020
12.19 kWh
38% saved
Tue 11th August 2020
15.56 kWh
34% saved
Mon 10th August 2020
11.48 kWh
39% saved
Sun 9th August 2020
11.25 kWh
43% saved
Sat 8th August 2020
20.83 kWh
38% saved
Fri 7th August 2020
6.13 kWh
35% saved
Thu 6th August 2020
4.55 kWh
39% saved
Wed 5th August 2020
8.27 kWh
42% saved

Some Common Octopus Energy Refer A Friend Questions

What if Someone Forgets to Use My Ref. Link and Directly Sign Up?

In that case, no credits are transferred. However, because no reference was used, the new customer can still reach out to the support team and explain the issue. 

Then, they will ask for the ref link that he wanted to proceed with initially or my account number A- . After that, they can still make both of you eligible for the bonus.

Is There a Limit on How Many Subscribers You Can Get?

NO! That’s right. There’s no limit on how many friends, family members, or colleagues you can switch over. In fact, they encourage us to promote it to more and more people. 

And since it’s renewable and green energy, you should feel confident to promote it to your networks. 

Since joining, I have switched over 25+ people and counting and made over £1000+ which went to different charity organizations in the UK. 

How to Promote Your Own Referral Code? [Things You Should Do]

F&F: Spread the word to your friends and family. They would be the most logical things to do. As you’re a happy customer and know what we offer, share your enthusiasm with the closest ones first.

Colleagues and Coworkers: Talk to your colleagues and coworkers. They will be easier to convert. Share your links through emails, WhatsApp or any other channel. Make sure not to spam them.

Neighbours and Community: When you talk to your neighbours, let them know the great benefit of octopus energy and renewable energy. They will be happy to use your referral code for their subscription.

Social Media Channels: Social media channels are the easiest. You have to post the referral link in your profile, and many people will gladly check it out. You can stick it to your Twitter bio and attract a lot of eyes as well.

Other: Use any other channels that you see fit. Just make sure not to spam or push anyone for it. Ideally, you should promote the service because you’re happy with it and encourage green energy, rather than spamming your way to make more money.

How NOT to Promote Your Octopus Referral Link? [Things You SHOULDN’T Do]

Although we believe you already know this, to be on the safer side, let’s check out some of the promotional methods that the organisation DOES NOT support:

  1. Spamming in the review portals is not allowed. You shouldn’t add your referral code when you post your reviews about us in Trustpilot or other channels.
  2. Flooding your ref link on the octopus’ Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms.
  3. Creating a fake profile on their name and promoting the link.
  4. You shouldn’t run any paid ads on any channel, online or offline.

About Octopus Energy

As the name suggests, Octopus energy is one of the new but most prominent companies in the UK for gas and electricity. Over the course of a very short period, they have managed a whopping number of subscribers throughout the nation.

They’re one of the very few suppliers in the UK that can provide 100% green electricity from renewable sources. Their parent company Octopus Investments has been working with solar power and renewable energy for a long time, long before this venture has started.

With affordable prices, reliable packages, and super customer service, the octopus has continued to thrive since its launch. Read more about the referral program here.

Is Octopus Energy a Safe and Reliable Company?

Yes completely. You can trust and rely on their service 100% as a company. Launched in just about 2015, they have gathered millions of subscribers throughout the UK, USA, Australia and Germany, and it’s still growing. For a sense of their customer service, check out their Trustpilot reviews here. A whopping number of 81,514 people can’t be wrong.

Backed by the large Octopus Energy group, we can safely assume they are here for the long haul. But still, the question arises, What happens if my supplier goes bust? 

Yes, even though I knew there wasn’t any risk of that in the near future with octopus, I still had that question in mind. However, Even if everything goes south, there is nothing to worry about. 

Energy regulator Ofgem will move people to a new supplier (of your choice)  if their energy firm goes bust. All you need to do is download and print out bills from your old supplier and take a picture of your meter.

You can check out Octopus reviews on TrustPilot here 

How Green Is Octopus Energy?

Octopus uses 100% green electricity to its customers at scale. A very few companies in the world can provide that amount of green energy to many consumers. The company itself is a sister concern of Octopus Investments, the UK’s largest investor in solar power and responsible for the UK’s almost 45% of the solar power generation in scale.

The company cannot supply 100% green gas just yet as it’s quite challenging to do at scale. But they do their bit by reforesting and planting vast areas on amazon forest and working with green charities.

Should You Really Switch to Octopus Energy?

Here are 4 reasons why i switched to this supplier and i think you should as well:

Green Energy

This one is obvious. They supply green and renewable energy at scale. I might not be an environmentalist, but I chose to be green whenever I could. So that was a perfect fit.

Fair and Transparent Pricing

Their pricing is honest and, to a great extent, affordable. Considering what I am getting, it’s the cheapest supplier in the market right now. Plus, if you’re not happy after using them, they are happy to refund with no extra fees. What more could I ask?

Friendliest Customer Service

That’s right. Considering their vast number of customers nationwide in the UK, their customer service is responsive and super friendly. And if you are thinking that I’m the only one thinking that, check out their Trustpilot reviews here.

Easy Switch

Knowing all the benefits and offers, you might be interested, but what about the switch? This is never easy, right? Wrong!

Switching to octopus energy is SUPER easy and convenient. Joining as a member will take less than 2minutes using this link here. And the whole process may take up to 15 minutes. So in 17 days, you’ll be using your new green energy to power up your home. Yep, it’s as easy as it sounds!

The best part?

  1. You don’t have to hire an installer or engineer.
  2. No disruptions to your supply. Everything remains as it is. You don’t experience the ‘blackout.’
  3. You don’t have to contact and inform your old supplier. They will take care of it for you.

Can I Cancel My Contract if I'm Not Happy?

Of course. Any time you feel that you’re not the happiest with octopus energy, you’re free to switch anytime. They won’t charge any exit fees and you’ll get substantial help from the customer support.

Should You Recommend a Friend for Using Octopus Energy?

The decision is up to you. But if you ask me, I am 100% confident that once you make the switch and see what benefits you get from Octopus Energy, you will start to promote it inside your networks, with or without the Octopus Referral link. It’s that good!

However, since the company gives every user a refer a friend link, it makes more sense to invite your friends and family to use this fantastic green and eco-friendly energy supplier. And get some credits along the way.

Octopus Energy Refer A Friend FAQs

To benefit from the Octopus ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme, click on the unique referral link provided by your friend. This will take you to the Octopus Energy sign-up page, where you can register for their services.

When you sign up using a friend’s referral link, both you and the friend who referred you receive a credit reward from Octopus Energy, typically applied to your respective accounts.

The primary condition is to sign up through the referral link. 

The referral credit is typically applied after your first month’s direct debit payment is successfully processed. This usually occurs within four weeks of your supply start date.

You can log into your Octopus Energy account and check your dashboard for any credit transactions. The referral credit will be listed there if it has been applied.

If you’ve already signed up but forgot to use the referral link, contact Octopus Energy with the referral code. They may be able to retroactively apply the referral.

Yes, you can use a referral link with both traditional and smart pre-pay meters. Sign up using the link, then contact Octopus Energy to arrange for the referral credit to be applied to your account.

No, there’s no limit. You can use any number of referral links from different friends, and each successful sign-up using a unique link will earn you and the respective referrer a credit reward.

For more detailed information, please visit the Octopus Energy referral information page here.

No, you can only use one referral link per sign-up. When you sign up for Octopus Energy services, choose the referral link of the friend you wish to benefit alongside you. Using a specific referral link ensures both you and the friend whose link you used receive the referral credit. Remember, the credit is only awarded when you sign up directly through the chosen referral link.

The referral credit you receive from using a friend’s Octopus Energy referral link is added to your account once all conditions are met (like your first month’s payment). This credit does not have an expiry date and will remain in your account until you use it towards your energy bills. It’s a great way to reduce your future energy costs with Octopus Energy.

If you move to a new property after signing up with Octopus Energy using a referral link, your account and any referral credits will typically transfer to your new address. It’s important to inform Octopus Energy about your move to ensure a smooth transition.

No, the Octopus Energy ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme is designed for referring new customers. Referring yourself for additional properties you own or rent does not qualify for the referral credit.

Yes, the Octopus Energy ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme is also available for business accounts. Just like with residential accounts, both the referrer and referee can earn credit rewards when a business signs up using a referral link.

If you signed up using a referral link and the credit has not been applied, first check if all conditions have been met, including your first month’s payment. If everything seems in order but you still haven’t received the credit, contact Octopus Energy’s customer service for assistance.

Occasionally, Octopus Energy may run special promotions or offers linked to the ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme, potentially increasing the referral credit or offering additional benefits. Keep an eye on their website or subscribe to their newsletter for updates on any such promotions.

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