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Sevenoaks Lie Detector Test

10 Points to ponder prior to undergoing a Lie Detector Test in Sevenoaks through Lie Detectors UK, recipients of The Best Polygraph Testing Company in the UK accolade and operated by the Head of the UK Polygraph Association. Examinations cost £399 at the main location and £499 in Sevenoaks.

1. What exactly does a Lie Detector Test in Sevenoaks entail?

The Polygraph, often termed a Lie Detector Test, identifies deceit by monitoring physiological changes within Sevenoaks. This tool, the Polygraph, is utilised by seasoned and skilled Polygraph professionals in Sevenoaks. The device captures physiological reactions in response to specific structured questions using a recognised methodology. Lie Detectors UK, a Sevenoaks-based award-winning and certified Lie Detection firm, employs only accredited APA and UKPA Examiners in Sevenoaks.

2. How is the Polygraph Operated?

The physiological alterations that the Polygraph tracks in the examinee include blood pressure, perspiration levels, blood circulation, and torso movement. Typically, the Polygraph Examiner contrasts varied reactions to structured questions across multiple tests, distinguishing between truthful and deceptive answers. This aids in evaluating the charts to determine the examinee’s honesty. The findings, presented in a report after the analysis, are derived from the certified examiner of Lie Detectors UK conducting a Lie Detector Test in Sevenoaks.

3. What's the Precision of a Lie Detector Test in Sevenoaks?

Numerous scientific evaluations suggest that when a certified APA examiner employs contemporary tools and methods, much like those at Lie Detectors UK, a single-issue examination using the Utah method can achieve accuracy rates ranging from 92% to 95%. Some isolated studies might suggest even higher accuracy as some firms might assert.

4. What’s the Expense for a Lie Detector Test in Sevenoaks?

  1. Lie Detectors UK charges for a Lie Detector Test fluctuate between £399 and £499, the former at our primary facility and the latter in either your residence or a nearby hired office in Sevenoaks. The prices are predetermined and all-inclusive. A deposit is required upon booking, with the balance due on the test day. For additional examinations, considerable discounts apply. Contact us for a quotation today.

5. Which Questions are Utilised and Why?

We deem it best to first discuss your situation over a call to determine the appropriateness of a Polygraph Test. The most precise method we employ centres on a single issue test, consisting of three closely related questions about a singular topic. This maximises the accuracy of a Polygraph Test in Sevenoaks. Our inquiries focus on tangible facts, avoiding emotional or intention-based questions. The Lie Detectors UK examiners in Sevenoaks also anticipate potential excuses an individual might offer following an unsuccessful Polygraph Test in Sevenoaks.

6. Questioning Techniques Deployed in Lie Detector Evaluations

During the Lie Detector Test in Sevenoaks, the examiner will pose three types of queries. Lie Detectors UK adheres to accuracy standards, framing directed lie comparison, irrelevant, and pertinent questions tailored to each case. The Polygraph Examiner collaborates with you to craft the best relevant queries, ensuring everyone’s satisfaction before commencing the tests.

7. Introduction to the Test

Before initiating the Lie Detector Test in Sevenoaks, an initial interview, lasting about an hour, will be conducted. The examiner will clarify the process, answer any queries, and discuss the case in-depth. A rudimentary Polygraph Test will be administered to acquaint the subject with the experience. This enables the examiner to tweak minor aspects for clearer chart results. Every question is then reviewed thoroughly to ensure clarity and correct responses.

8. Gathering Data and Chart Interpretation in Sevenoaks

At least three charts are produced for every subject, with questions rotated in sequence. An average is drawn from these charts for a result. The Polygraph Examiner in Sevenoaks meticulously analyses this data before determining the outcome, which could be No Deception Indicated, Deception Indicated, or occasionally, Inconclusive. The Lie Detector Test outcomes are shared verbally and through a comprehensive three-page document, mailed to your Sevenoaks address upon request. A printed version is available at our main office.

9. What are the Age Restrictions for Undergoing a Polygraph Test in Sevenoaks and Can One Undergo a Lie Detector Test in Sevenoaks During Pregnancy?

The youngest age we test is 14, but for those below 18, full parental consent is mandatory, and the young person’s maturity is assessed. Pregnant women can be tested, provided the pregnancy progresses normally without complications.

10. The Past and Progression of the Polygraph

The Lie Detector test was conceived in 1906 by James McKenzie, a Scottish surgeon specialising in cardiology. The instrument, now known as the Polygraph or Lie Detector, was foundational in measuring variations in heart rate and sweat. Later, in 1921, John Larson, an American constable, designed a more precise forensic version. By 1925, Leonarde Keeler advanced Larson’s design by substituting the smoke paper with ink, enhancing its efficiency.

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Accurate Results From a Lie Detector Test in Sevenoaks

Accuracy of a Lie Detector Test in Sevenoaks Polygraph evaluations are confirmed to achieve up to 95% accuracy when optimal tools, examiners, and inquiries are employed. With Lie Detectors UK administering a Lie Detector Test in Sevenoaks, our approach is consistently to adopt a single-issue technique, ensuring the highest precision. Incorrect queries, an untrained examiner, outdated apparatus, or an inappropriate testing environment can degrade this accuracy.

Is My Anxiety a Hindrance to the Test Outcome? Certainly not, this is a frequent query we encounter. Test takers usually feel anxious throughout the procedure. We assess reactions to specific questions rather than general nervousness or stress. If anxiety significantly influenced results, most would not pass, yet we witness success rates nearing 80%. The Polygraph Examiner in Sevenoaks collaborates with you to facilitate a smooth experience.

Question Strategy in Tests Lie Detectors UK’s professionals in Sevenoaks employ the Control Question Test to establish a physiological reference point. These control questions enable correlations with pertinent inquiries to discern deceit. Skilled Examiners consistently adhere to the Directed Lie Methodology in formulating the right questions. Every question will be comprehensively reviewed with the participant before initiating the Lie Detector Test in Sevenoaks.

Lie Detector Test - Alternatives

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Eye Movement Analysis:

There exists a method leveraging pupil expansion, though its accuracy, at 85%, falls short of the Polygraph Test. Lie Detection through eye movement examines subtle eye shifts within the pupil while responding to queries, gauging truthfulness.

Voice Frequency Assessment:

Voice Stress Analysis, once in use, has shown to be inconsistent, analysing shifts in voice tone, volume, and pitch.

Brain Observations

Functional MRI discerns oxygen utilisation in the brain, pinpointing regions activated to detect deceit. Its reliability has been questioned in multiple instances.

Nonverbal Behaviour

High-speed cameras capture fleeting facial movements, or ‘micro expressions’. These might indicate truthfulness or deceit, but their reliability remains debated.


Substances like Ethanol, Sodium Thiopental, and Cannabis, among others, have been historically utilised to extract information involuntarily. Despite numerous substances being trialled, no single drug guarantees universal effectiveness.

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Choosing A Reputable Lie Detection Company

Choosing the Optimal Service in Sevenoaks: Criteria to Consider When contemplating hiring a service for a Lie Detector Test in Sevenoaks, which main aspects should be evaluated?

Primarily, verify if the examiner is accredited. Are they a recognised member of the American Polygraph Association and listed on its membership directory? Also, their affiliation with the UK Polygraph Association is essential.

Every examiner associated with Lie Detectors UK is a Senior APA Examiner, consistently updated in their training, utilising contemporary tools and methods. Our operations are completely open, centred around offering a proficient service to our clientele. We conduct tests at our central office, your residence, or a local facility we secure for the assessment. Reach out to us on 0207 859 4960 to converse about your needs with an Examiner and determine if a Lie Detector Test in Sevenoaks aligns with your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Private Polygraph Examiner’s findings aren’t presently acknowledged by UK Courts, even though the UK Government employs over 40 Polygraph Examiners to evaluate sex offenders on parole and suspected terrorists. Our core clientele at Lie Detectors UK includes private individuals and businesses both domestically and internationally. Our primary focus is on relationship matters, but we also address theft, allegations, and other scenarios including Pre-Employment screenings via Sevenoaks Lie Detector.

A Polygraph, also termed a Lie Detector, chronicles the physiological reactions of an individual in response to queries. Monitored parameters encompass blood pressure, heartbeat, breathing rate, skin moisture, and slight movements.

You won’t experience any pain during a Lie Detector Test in Sevenoaks. There might be slight unease due to the blood pressure apparatus, but each session only spans three to four minutes.

The total duration typically hovers around two hours, and never less than ninety minutes. It encompasses three phases: pre-test consultation, the actual test, and post-test discussion.

Upon concluding the test, results are shared verbally if the Sevenoaks Examiner doesn’t require additional consultation. This facilitates a comprehensive dialogue with the Lie Detectors UK Examiner in Sevenoaks. A detailed report is subsequently supplied, either electronically or in print. If printing on-site isn’t feasible, a mailed copy is sent at no added charge.

For Sevenoaks residents, booking a UK Lie Detector examination is straightforward, efficient, and discreet. Before finalising, we prefer a preliminary discussion to ensure suitability for a Polygraph Test. An upfront, non-refundable payment of £150 secures your slot, post which you receive confirmation details and examiner contact information. Direct bookings are also available on our website.

The focus is on the nature of the issue, not the quantity of questions. We advocate for singular-issue evaluations for optimal accuracy in a Lie Detector Test in Sevenoaks. Minimising questions for cost reasons isn’t feasible. A multi-issue assessment can significantly impact precision. At Lie Detectors UK, we are hesitant about such tests. If ever conducted, the client is informed of its relative inaccuracy.

For a Lie Detector Test in Sevenoaks, we collect a non-refundable £150 deposit. This ensures the test-taker’s commitment. Following this, we reserve the slot and organise logistics. The balance is settled on the test day, with card payments accepted.

Our pricing remains consistent and clear. At our main location, the charge is £399, inclusive of all. For other venues, it’s £499, all-inclusive. Should an additional test be required, it’s offered at a reduced rate. Relationship evaluations constitute approximately 70% of our tasks, often involving partners asserting their innocence. The rest pertains to accusations, thefts, and pre-hire screenings.


Maria Neophytou
Maria Neophytou
We went yesterday and saw Jason, lovely man x He went above and beyond to help us x Very professional can not recommend him enough, explained everything to us so thoroughly and really made us feel at ease and we got the outcome we wanted x Thank you so much Jason.
Bart McClaran
Bart McClaran
So glad I chose Lie Detectors UK to prove my innocence, thanks Jason for making a highly stressful situation much easier.
Kate Fairs
Kate Fairs
I never thought I'd be put in a position to have to do a lie detector test but after 6years of being accused of cheating I decided to do the test for my own peace of mind. I had visions of the jeremy Kyle show but everything was explained to me and Jason put me at as much ease as he could. After getting the true result I wanted it cleared my name and made me realise the whole issue was deeper within my partner as he made every excuse to not believe the test. The test is 100% accurate as I could not control what my body was doing it will only give a result of lying if you are lying. Jason was brilliant with aftercare to myself and my partner and I cannot thank him enough for what he done. Finally i have closure that I needed and I recommend anybody to do this test and with this company if you are ever in that position I found myself in!
Lee Cutmore
Lee Cutmore
Got in touch to ask about taking a lie detector test due to problems within a relationship I was part of. Jason was great with comms, honest and sincere after I explained my predicament to him. His honesty stretched to the point where we both agreed that taking the test wasn’t in my best interests due to the circumstances I am in and for me that’s highly commendable. Thank you Jason, integrity is high on my agenda and I can safely say it is on yours too after our recent comms.
Darren Holloway
Darren Holloway
Could not have been any happier with the service. Jason was informative and friendly from the off and did everything he could to make everybody feel comfortable and at ease. Had five people in total we wanted testing and he found the guilty party in two. Would highly recommend this exceptionally professional service to anybody needing it.
TML Cars
TML Cars
Jason is extremely professional would recommend to all.

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