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Lie Detector Test Croydon, I run tests regularly in Croydon but my own offices are only 30mins away in Maidstone Kent where I charge £399. We have been awarded The Best Polygraph Testing Company in the UK and are owned by the Director of the UK Polygraph Association.

1. What precisely does a Lie Detector Test in Croydon accomplish?​

A Polygraph or a Lie Detector Test detects lies by looking for signs of physiological changes in Croydon. The Polygraph is the instrument used by the trained and experienced Polygraph in Croydon. The Polygraph is used to record and quantify reactions that are physiological to a series of formulated questions using a validated technique. Croydon based company, Lie Detectors UK are an award winning and approved Lie Detection company who only use qualified APA and UKPA Examiners in Croydon.

2. How is the Polygraph Operated?

Physiological variations monitored by the Polygraph on an individual undergoing testing include blood pressure, sweat gland function, circulation, and torso movement. Typically, the Polygraph Examiner contrasts varying reactions to structured queries across numerous tests with answers from honest and misleading questions to interpret the data, determining if the person was honest or deceitful. The findings presented post-assessment to the customer in a documented form will feature conclusions from the certified examiner of Lie Detectors UK administering a Lie Detector Test in Croydon.

3. How Reliable is the Lie Detector Test in Croydon?

Numerous scientific investigations indicate that if an accredited APA examiner, like those at Lie Detectors UK, employs contemporary tools and methods, a focused test using the Utah method can reach precision rates of 92% to 95%. Some selective research might suggest even higher accuracy, as certain firms might claim.

4. What's the price for a Lie Detector Test in Croydon?

Lie Detectors UK charges for a Lie Detector Test range from £399 to £499; the more affordable rate applies at our main office, while the higher rate is for off-site services or hiring a nearby venue. All rates are comprehensive. An upfront deposit is collected upon booking, with the balance due on test day. For multiple tests, discounts are provided for the following ones. Contact now for an estimate.

5. What Kind of Queries Are Employed and For What Reason?

It’s our preference to initially converse about your situation over a call to determine if a Polygraph Test fits your needs. Our most precise method involves a single-issue test featuring three closely related questions about one topic, ensuring optimal accuracy. We frame questions around facts, avoiding emotional or intention-based ones. Lie Detectors UK’s Examiners in Croydon also consider potential explanations a person might offer post a failed Polygraph Test in Croydon.

6. What Questioning Techniques Are Used?

During the Lie Detector Test in Croydon, an individual will encounter three varieties of queries from the Examiner. Lie Detectors UK adheres to precision standards to devise directed lie comparisons, irrelevant, and pertinent queries fitting each scenario. The Lie Detector expert collaborates with you to craft the most appropriate questions and ensures mutual satisfaction before initiating tests.

7. Introductory Interview

Before initiating the Lie Detector Test in Croydon, an introduction discussion ensues, possibly lasting an hour. Herein, the Examiner extensively delves into the matter with clients, elucidates the comprehensive procedure, and addresses client inquiries. A rudimentary Polygraph Test demonstrates the testing experience, permitting the Examiner to fine-tune for improved data on actual evaluations. Subsequently, a comprehensive review of all questions guarantees the examinee’s clarity on each.

8. Gathering Data and Chart Interpretation in Croydon

A minimum of three charts per individual is generated, with questions reordered slightly. Chart averages yield an outcome, and the Lie Detector professional in Croydon conducts a comprehensive data analysis before announcing a result: No Deception Indicated (Pass), Deception Indicated (Fail), or occasionally, an Inconclusive outcome if suitable methods are deployed. Results are both spoken and furnished in a detailed three-page document, mailed to your Croydon residence upon request. At our central office, printed reports are available.

9. What's the Age Threshold for a Polygraph Test in Croydon and Can Pregnant Women Undergo a Lie Detector Test in Croydon?

Our testing can begin at age 14, but testing individuals below 18 necessitates complete parental agreement and assurance of the young individual’s maturity. Expecting women can be tested, given the pregnancy is complication-free.

10. Past and Prospective Trajectory of the Polygraph

James McKenzie, a Scottish surgeon and cardiac specialist, devised the Lie Detector test in 1906. Monitoring variations in heartbeat and perspiration was foundational for the Polygraph’s creation. Decades later, in 1921, John Larson, an American policeman, advanced a more precise Polygraph for forensic purposes. By 1925, Leonarde Keeler enhanced Larson’s device, swapping smoke paper for ink pens for increased efficiency.

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Accurate Results From a Lie Detector Test in Croydon

Reliability of the Lie Detector Test in Croydon When administered with appropriate tools, a proficient examiner, and the correct inquiries, Polygraph tests can achieve up to 95% precision. Whenever Lie Detectors UK conducts a Lie Detector Test in Croydon, we strictly adhere to the single issue method to harness maximum accuracy. The trustworthiness of results can be compromised by inappropriate questions, an unqualified examiner, outdated equipment, or an unsuitable testing environment.

Does Anxiety Affect My Test Outcome? Certainly not. We frequently address this misconception. Throughout the testing process, it’s natural for a subject to feel anxious. However, our focus is on the reactions to specific questions rather than general nervousness or anxiety. To put it bluntly, if anxiety swayed the outcomes, the failure rate would be much higher, but we consistently observe pass rates near 80%. The Polygraph Examiner in Croydon ensures that the testing atmosphere is as reassuring and comfortable for you as feasible.

Baseline Question Technique The Polygraph professionals from Lie Detector’s UK in Croydon utilize the Control Question Test to establish a physiological reference point. These control inquiries help draw comparisons with pertinent questions, aiding in determining if the subject is being deceptive. A competent Examiner will consistently rely on the Directed Lie Strategy to select fitting questions for the examination. Before proceeding with the Lie Detector Test in Croydon, all queries will be transparently shared and discussed with the individual being tested.

Lie Detector Test - Alternatives

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What Does Eye-Tracking Entail?

Eye-tracking is a monitoring tool that observes pupil dilation, yet its accuracy, at 85%, doesn’t match that of a Lie Detector Test in Croydon. For Lie Detection, this method focuses on subtle shifts within the pupil to determine the veracity of responses to a set of queries. It’s essential that the individual being tested possesses proficient reading abilities.

Voice Stress Analysis

Until recently, Voice Stress Analysis was employed, but its credibility has been questioned. This technique analyses shifts in voice intensity, frequency, and tone.

Brain Activity Monitoring

Functional MRI scans depict the brain’s oxygen utilisation, spotlighting specific regions that consume oxygen when determining the truthfulness of a subject. However, its reliability has often been challenged.

Nonverbal Behaviour

High-speed cameras capture micro-expressions, which are spontaneous facial movements. These brief facial changes can help differentiate between honest and deceitful behaviours, but their reliability remains contentious based on various case studies.

Truth-Inducing Substances

Various substances, including Ethanol, Sodium Thiopental, and Cannabis, have been historically administered to extract information from individuals without their agreement. Although numerous drugs have undergone testing, no single compound consistently ensures truthfulness across subjects.

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Selecting A Credible Lie Detection Firm in Croydon

How Can You Identify the Premier Lie Detector Service in Croydon? What Criteria Should You Prioritise? When considering a firm to administer a Lie Detector Test in Croydon, what essential factors should you consider?

Foremost, verify the examiner’s credentials: Are they a recognised member of the American Polygraph Association? Can their name be located on the membership roster, and do they also belong to the UK Polygraph Association?

Every examiner working with Lie Detectors UK holds the status of Advanced APA Examiners. They are continually updated with their educational training, leveraging state-of-the-art tools and methodologies. Our operations are wholly transparent, and our primary concern is delivering an impeccable service to our clientele. We facilitate tests at our central office, your residence, or a nearby office we arrange for the session and testing. To discern if a Lie Detector Test in Croydon suits your needs, reach out to us at 0207 859 4960 and converse directly with an Examiner regarding your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The time often hinges on the specific case details and the individual being tested. Generally, the entire process lasts about two hours, with the shortest duration being ninety minutes. The procedure is split into three segments: the preliminary stage, the actual test, and the post-test phase.

Upon concluding the test, results are immediately shared verbally if the Croydon-based Examiner doesn’t require further consultation. This allows for an in-depth discussion with the Lie Detectors UK Examiner in Croydon. A comprehensive report will subsequently be sent, either via email or a hard copy, and both if preferred. Should we be unable to provide a printed version based on the location, a mailed version will be dispatched to you at no additional charge.

Scheduling a Lie Detector Test in Croydon, UK, is uncomplicated, swift, and discreet. Before confirming any booking, we aim to converse with you to ascertain the aptness of your case for a Polygraph Examination. A non-refundable deposit of £150 is required, after which your Croydon appointment, along with the exact address and examiner’s contact details, is confirmed. Direct reservations can also be made on our online portal.

The results will be given to you verbally after the completion of the test if the Examiner in Croydon does not need a second opinion, this will give you chance to fully discuss your test with the Lie Detectors UK Examiner in Croydon. A full report will then be provided, either by email or a printed copy of both if requested, if we are unable to print a copy depending on the location we will send a copy through the post to you at no extra cost.

In Croydon, the UK Lie Detector Test booking process is simple, quick and confidential. Prior to a booking where possible we like to speak with you to ensure your case is suitable for a Polygraph Test. You will be asked to make a non – refundable fee of £150, and you will get the confirmation of your appointment in Croydon along with the full address and the examiner’s details should you need to make contact prior to the test. You can also book directly on our website here.

The focus isn’t solely on the number of queries but rather the core concern. For the utmost precision during a Polygraph Test in Croydon, we gravitate towards single-issue evaluations. Reducing query count to cut costs isn’t an option. Opting for a multi-issue Lie Detector Test, which addresses several concerns, considerably compromises accuracy. At Lie Detectors UK, we usually avoid such assessments, and should they be administered, clients are always notified of its reduced precision compared to a single-issue test.

A non-refundable deposit of £150 is taken when reserving a Lie Detector Test in Croydon. This ensures the examinee’s commitment to the Lie Detector Test in Croydon. Following this, we allocate time for your session and begin preparations. Any outstanding amount is due on the test day, and card payments are accepted.

We maintain consistent and transparent pricing. At our main office, the cost stands at £399 (all-inclusive), while off-site tests are £499 (all-inclusive). Should an additional test be necessary, discounts apply. Relationship tests constitute roughly 70% of our tasks, typically with individuals keen on demonstrating their innocence. The remaining 30% encompasses matters like theft, allegations, and pre-employment evaluations.


Maria Neophytou
Maria Neophytou
We went yesterday and saw Jason, lovely man x He went above and beyond to help us x Very professional can not recommend him enough, explained everything to us so thoroughly and really made us feel at ease and we got the outcome we wanted x Thank you so much Jason.
Bart McClaran
Bart McClaran
So glad I chose Lie Detectors UK to prove my innocence, thanks Jason for making a highly stressful situation much easier.
Kate Fairs
Kate Fairs
I never thought I'd be put in a position to have to do a lie detector test but after 6years of being accused of cheating I decided to do the test for my own peace of mind. I had visions of the jeremy Kyle show but everything was explained to me and Jason put me at as much ease as he could. After getting the true result I wanted it cleared my name and made me realise the whole issue was deeper within my partner as he made every excuse to not believe the test. The test is 100% accurate as I could not control what my body was doing it will only give a result of lying if you are lying. Jason was brilliant with aftercare to myself and my partner and I cannot thank him enough for what he done. Finally i have closure that I needed and I recommend anybody to do this test and with this company if you are ever in that position I found myself in!
Lee Cutmore
Lee Cutmore
Got in touch to ask about taking a lie detector test due to problems within a relationship I was part of. Jason was great with comms, honest and sincere after I explained my predicament to him. His honesty stretched to the point where we both agreed that taking the test wasn’t in my best interests due to the circumstances I am in and for me that’s highly commendable. Thank you Jason, integrity is high on my agenda and I can safely say it is on yours too after our recent comms.
Darren Holloway
Darren Holloway
Could not have been any happier with the service. Jason was informative and friendly from the off and did everything he could to make everybody feel comfortable and at ease. Had five people in total we wanted testing and he found the guilty party in two. Would highly recommend this exceptionally professional service to anybody needing it.
TML Cars
TML Cars
Jason is extremely professional would recommend to all.

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