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Blackpool Lie Detector Test

10 Points to Consider Before a Lie Detector Test in Blackpool with Lie Detectors UK, awarded Best UK Polygraph Testing Company, affiliated with the UK Polygraph Association. Prices are £399 at our HQ Office and £499 in Blackpool.

1. Understanding a Blackpool Lie Detector Test

A Polygraph or Lie Detector Test identifies deception by monitoring physiological changes in Blackpool. The Polygraph, employed by skilled Blackpool Examiners, records and quantifies physiological reactions to formulated questions using a validated method. Lie Detectors UK, situated in Blackpool, employs only certified APA and UKPA Examiners, emphasizing transparency and professionalism.

2. Operational Mechanism of the Polygraph

The Polygraph observes physiological changes in those being tested, including blood pressure, sweat gland activity, blood flow, and upper body movement. Typically, the Polygraph Examiner compares responses to formulated questions, analyzing charts to determine deception or truthfulness. Lie Detectors UK provides examination results in report format after a qualified examiner conducts a Blackpool Lie Detector Test.

3. Lie Detector Test Accuracy in Blackpool

Numerous scientific studies indicate that a qualified APA examiner, utilizing up-to-date equipment and techniques as practiced by Lie Detectors UK examiners, can achieve 92% to 95% accuracy with the Utah technique in single issue tests. Some studies even suggest higher accuracy levels, though these claims may be limited.

4. Cost of a Blackpool Lie Detector Test

Lie Detectors UK charges between £399 and £499 for a Lie Detector Test, with lower rates at our headquarters and higher rates for home or nearby office locations. Prices are consistent and comprehensive. We request a deposit upon booking, with the remainder due on the test day. Multiple tests receive substantial discounts; request a quote today.

5. Question Selection and Rationale

We prefer an initial phone discussion to determine a Polygraph Test’s suitability for your case. Our most precise technique employs a single issue test, featuring three closely related questions on a single topic to maximize accuracy. Questions are based on facts rather than emotions or intent. Lie Detectors UK Examiners in Blackpool also consider potential explanations provided by subjects who fail the test.

6. Questioning Methods in Lie Detector Tests

During a Blackpool Lie Detector Test, the Examiner poses three types of questions: directed lie comparison, irrelevant, and relevant questions, following accuracy guidelines tailored to each case. Examiners collaborate with clients to develop appropriate relevant questions, ensuring all parties are satisfied before testing.

7. Pre-test Discussion

Before commencing a Blackpool Lie Detector Test, a pre-test interview may last up to an hour. The Examiner discusses the case with clients, explains the entire process, and addresses client queries. A basic Polygraph Test is conducted, acquainting the subject with the experience and allowing minor adjustments for improved chart readings. A comprehensive review of all questions ensures the subject’s complete understanding and proper responses.

8. Data Collection and Chart Analysis in Blackpool

Each subject undergoes a minimum of three tests with questions presented in a slightly varied order. A result is derived from the average of these charts, with the Blackpool Polygraph Examiner conducting thorough data analysis. Results may indicate No Deception Indicated (Pass), Deception Indicated (Fail), or rarely, an Inconclusive outcome. Results are conveyed verbally and supplemented with a three-page report, available upon request or in print at our headquarters.

9. Age Requirements for Polygraph Testing in Blackpool

We can test individuals aged 14 and above, with subjects under 18 requiring parental consent and maturity confirmation. Pregnant women can also undergo testing, provided there are no pregnancy complications.

10. History and Prospects of the Polygraph

Scottish Surgeon James McKenzie invented the Lie Detector test in 1906, focusing on heart surgery. The core concept, measuring variations in increased heart rate and perspiration, led to the development of the Polygraph or Lie Detector. In 1921, American Police Officer John Larson improved the Polygraph for forensic purposes. In 1925, Leonarde Keeler enhanced Larson’s equipment by replacing smoke paper with ink pens for greater efficiency.

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Accurate Results From a Lie Detector Test in Blackpool

Precision of a Blackpool Lie Detector Examination Polygraph assessments demonstrate up to 95% accuracy with suitable equipment, an adept examiner, and appropriate questions. Lie Detectors UK utilizes a single-issue approach for maximum precision in Blackpool Lie Detector Tests. Precision may falter due to incorrect queries, an unqualified examiner, outdated equipment, or an unsuitable testing environment.

Can Anxiety Render Me Falsely Guilty? Certainly not. This question is frequently raised. Subjects may experience nervousness throughout the test, but we evaluate their reactions to questions, not anxiety. The pass rate is approximately 80%, indicating that nerves alone do not affect results. Blackpool’s Polygraph Examiner strives to ensure a comfortable test environment.

Control Question Evaluation Blackpool’s Lie Detector Examiners employ the Control Question Test as a physiological benchmark. Control questions correlate with relevant inquiries to identify deception. Competent Examiners adhere to the Directed Lie Approach when selecting appropriate questions. Prior to the Blackpool Polygraph Test, all questions are thoroughly discussed with the examinee.

Lie Detector Test - Alternatives

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What Is Eye-tracking?

Eye-tracking, a screening tool relying on pupil dilation, offers 85% accuracy but requires good reading skills. It scrutinizes minor eye movements within the pupil to assess truthfulness in response to questions.

Voice Stress Analysis

Voice Stress Analysis was previously used but proved highly unreliable, examining voice intensity, frequency, and pitch variations.

Brain Observations

Functional magnetic resonance imaging tracks brain oxygen utilization to identify deception. However, results indicate its unreliability.

Nonverbal Behaviour

High-speed cameras capture micro expressions or involuntary facial gestures. While they can signal truthfulness or deception, they are often unreliable in case studies.


Historically, truth drugs like Ethanol, Sodium Thiopental, and Cannabis were employed to extract information without consent. However, no single substance consistently yields results in all cases.

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Choosing A Reputable Lie Detection Company

Selecting the Finest Blackpool Lie Detector Service What factors should you consider when enlisting a company to conduct a Blackpool Lie Detector Test for you?

Foremost is the qualification of the examiner. Are they a current member of the American Polygraph Association, and can their membership be verified? Additionally, are they affiliated with the UK Polygraph Association?

At Lie Detectors UK, all examiners are Advanced APA Examiners, staying current with training and employing the latest equipment and methodologies. We maintain full transparency throughout our processes and prioritize delivering a professional service. Our tests are available at our headquarters, your residence, or a nearby office we arrange for the meeting and test. Contact us today at 0207 859 4960 to consult with an Examiner and ascertain if a Blackpool Lie Detector Test is appropriate for your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Private Polygraph Examiner reports are presently not accepted in UK Courts, despite the UK Government employing over 40 Polygraph Examiners for sex offender probation and terror suspect assessments. While Lie Detectors UK primarily serves private and business clients throughout the UK and overseas, our work encompasses relationship-based cases, as well as allegations, theft, and various other matters, including Pre-Employment assessments in Blackpool Lie Detector tests.

A Polygraph, also referred to as a Lie Detector machine, records a subject’s physiological autonomic responses to questions. Physiological markers include blood pressure, blood flow, pulse, respiration, skin conductivity, and movement.

Absolutely not. Undergoing a Polygraph Test in Blackpool is entirely painless. Minimal discomfort from the blood pressure cuff may be experienced during the examination, which typically lasts three to four minutes per test.

The duration largely depends on the specific case and the examinee, but typically spans approximately two hours, with a minimum of ninety minutes. The process comprises three stages: the pre-test, examination, and post-test phases.

Results are typically verbally conveyed upon test completion, provided the Blackpool Examiner does not require a second opinion. This allows you to thoroughly discuss your test with the Lie Detectors UK Examiner in Blackpool. Subsequently, a complete report will be furnished, either via email or as a printed copy upon request. If printing is unavailable based on the location, a copy will be sent to you at no additional charge.

In Blackpool, reserving a UK Lie Detector Test is straightforward, rapid, and confidential. Whenever possible, we prefer to engage in a preliminary conversation with you to ensure your case aligns with a Polygraph Test. A non-refundable £150 fee is requested at the time of booking, along with confirmation of your Blackpool appointment, including the full address and examiner’s contact details for pre-test inquiries. Booking is also available directly through our website.

The number of questions isn’t the determining factor; it’s more about the issue at hand. Single-issue/problem tests are preferred for maximum Polygraph Test accuracy in Blackpool. Reducing questions to lower costs is not feasible. Multi-issue Lie Detector Tests, addressing multiple concerns, significantly diminish accuracy levels. At Lie Detectors UK, we typically avoid conducting this type of test, and if conducted, we inform the client of its reduced accuracy.

For Blackpool Lie Detector Test bookings, we require a non-refundable £150 deposit. Paying a deposit signifies the examinee’s commitment to undergoing a Blackpool Lie Detector Test. We subsequently schedule your appointment and make necessary arrangements. The remaining fee is payable on the day, and we accept card payments.

Our pricing remains fixed and transparent. At our headquarters, the cost is £399, inclusive of all services. For locations outside our headquarters, the charge is £499, also all-inclusive. If additional tests are required, discounts apply. Over 70% of our work pertains to relationship testing, often involving partners seeking to establish their innocence. The remaining 30% spans allegations, theft, and pre-employment testing.


Biden S
Biden S
I was very satisfied by the professionalism of the examiner. The service was absolutely necessary for me and even though it is expensive I consider it money well spent in the larger picture of life. Couldn't have managed without the support they gave me, I really felt my nerves would let me down but as explained they didn’t.
Luke Short
Luke Short
I would recommend lie detectors uk to anyone needing this kind of service. From the moment I booked online, the level of professionalism was 5 star. Really pleased with we did it, money well spent. Thank you
Kate Fairs
Kate Fairs
I never thought I'd be put in a position to have to do a lie detector test but after 6years of being accused of cheating I decided to do the test for my own peace of mind. I had visions of the jeremy Kyle show but everything was explained to me and Jason put me at as much ease as he could. After getting the true result I wanted it cleared my name and made me realise the whole issue was deeper within my partner as he made every excuse to not believe the test. The test is 100% accurate as I could not control what my body was doing it will only give a result of lying if you are lying. Jason was brilliant with aftercare to myself and my partner and I cannot thank him enough for what he done. Finally i have closure that I needed and I recommend anybody to do this test and with this company if you are ever in that position I found myself in!

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Book your Lie Detector Test today and arrange for your free consultation with our examiners. Our Lie Detector Tests can be carried out at your home address or at an office location to suit you. You can hire our award winning APA /UKPA Advanced Examiners services of Lie Detectors UK in Blackpool via phone at 0207 859 4960 or via email at info@liedetectors– or see our contact us page by clicking here.

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