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Belfast Lie Detector Test

10 Aspects to consider before undergoing a Lie Detector Test in Belfast with Lie Detectors UK, named The Top Polygraph Examination Firm in the UK and headed by the Chief of the UK Polygraph Association.

1. What precisely does a Lie Detector Test in Belfast measure?

A Polygraph, also termed a Lie Detector Test, identifies deceit by observing physiological shifts in Belfast. The Polygraph is the tool wielded by skilled and seasoned Polygraph specialists in Belfast. It is employed to document and measure physiological reactions to crafted questions, utilizing a certified method. Lie Detectors UK, situated in Belfast, is a recognized and award-winning Lie Detection firm using only APA and UKPA accredited Examiners in Belfast.

2. How is the Polygraph operated?

The Polygraph observes physiological alterations in the individual being examined, such as blood pressure, perspiration activity, blood circulation, and torso movement. Typically, the Polygraph Expert contrasts reactions to devised questions across multiple sessions with responses from honest and deceptive prompts to deduce the subject’s honesty. The test’s findings, shared post-examination in report style, will reflect the judgment of the certified examiner from Lie Detectors UK executing the Lie Detector Test in Belfast.

3. How reliable is a Lie Detector Test in Belfast?

Numerous scientific evaluations indicate that when an APA certified examiner utilizes the newest tools and methods, as all Lie Detectors UK professionals do, a singular issue test leveraging the Utah method will attain precision between 92% and 95%. Some isolated studies might suggest even greater accuracy, as certain firms might claim.

4. What's the price for a Lie Detector Test in Belfast?

The cost of a Lie Detector Test via Lie Detectors UK ranges from £399 to £499; the lesser cost applies at our main office, while the higher fee pertains to home visits or nearby office rentals. All charges are set and comprehensive. We request a deposit upon reservation, with the balance due on the test day. For additional tests, we offer considerable reductions. Contact us now for an estimate.

5. What type of questions do we employ and for what reason?

Initially, we favor discussing your situation telephonically to ascertain the Polygraph Test’s appropriateness for your context. Our most precise method is a singular issue test, encompassing three closely related queries on one topic, maximizing Polygraph Test accuracy. We adhere to fact-based questions, steering clear of emotional or intention-based ones. The Lie Detectors UK experts in Belfast also contemplate potential justifications someone might present if they don’t pass a Belfast Polygraph Test.

6. Techniques of Questioning in Lie Detector Examinations

During the Belfast Lie Detector Test, the subject encounters three distinct question categories. Lie Detectors UK follows accuracy guidelines, crafting directed lies, irrelevant, and relevant questions tailored to each scenario. The Lie Detector expert collaborates with you to craft the most fitting questions for the case, ensuring all participants’ agreement before conducting any examinations.

7. Pre-examination Consultation

Before commencing the Lie Detector Test in Belfast, a preliminary discussion unfolds, potentially lasting an hour. Here, the Expert delves into the case details with clients, elaborating on the entire procedure and addressing queries. A rudimentary Polygraph Test is conducted, acquainting the subject with the Belfast Polygraph Test experience. This facilitates potential minor tweaks by the Expert for optimal chart outcomes. A comprehensive review of all questions ensures the subject’s clarity and response understanding.

8. Gathering Data and Chart Analysis in Belfast

A bare minimum of three charts is crafted for every subject, with questions reordered slightly. An average is derived from the charts for a result, and the Belfast Lie Detector Expert meticulously examines the data before sharing an outcome—either No Deception Detected (Pass), Deception Found (Fail), or occasionally an Ambiguous outcome. The Lie Detector Test outcomes are voiced and presented in a comprehensive three-page report, mailed to your Belfast residence upon request. At our headquarters, printed copies are available for collection.

9. What's the age threshold for a Polygraph Examination in Belfast, and can pregnant women undergo a Lie Detector Test in Belfast?

We can test individuals as young as 14; testing those below 18 demands complete parental agreement, ensuring the adolescent’s maturity. Pregnant women can be tested, provided the pregnancy progresses without issues.

10. The Polygraph's Past and Prospects

James McKenzie, a Scottish Surgeon, conceived the Lie Detector Test in 1906. This heart surgeon’s instrument, the precursor to the contemporary Polygraph or Lie Detector, primarily tracked heartbeat fluctuations and perspiration. In 1921, John Larson, an American Policeman, fashioned a superior, forensically apt Polygraph model. By 1925, Leonarde Keeler enhanced Larson’s device, swapping the smoke paper for ink pens, enhancing its efficiency.

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Accurate Results From a Lie Detector Test in Belfast

Reliability of a Lie Detector Test in Belfast Lie Detector examinations can reach a precision level of up to 95% when the correct tools, specialist, and inquiries are employed. Whenever Lie Detectors UK conducts a Lie Detector Test in Belfast, we exclusively utilize the single issue technique to harness the highest accuracy possible. The reliability may wane due to inappropriate inquiries, a non-certified examiner, outdated devices, or a testing environment that’s not conducive. Do My Jitters Label Me Deceptive When I’m Truthful? Certainly not; this concern is frequently posed to us. An individual will typically exhibit anxiety from the beginning to the conclusion of the assessment; however, we focus on responses to questions and not the person’s jittery state or apprehension. Candidly, if anxiety played a role, everyone would be deemed deceptive, yet we observe success rates nearing 80%. The Polygraph Specialist in Belfast will collaborate with you to ensure the process is as tranquil and amenable as feasible. Baseline Question Technique The Lie Detector’s UK Experts in Belfast employ the Baseline Question Method as a physiological point of reference. Baseline inquiries are poised to draw parallels with pertinent questions to determine the truthfulness of a respondent. An adept Specialist will consistently use the Guided Deception Method when selecting appropriate questions for the evaluation. Every question will be extensively deliberated with the participant before undergoing a Lie Detector Test in Belfast.

Lie Detector Test - Alternatives

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What Is Eye-tracking?

There’s an assessment tool that utilizes eye dilation, but its accuracy doesn’t match a Polygraph Test, standing at 85%. For lie detection, eye tracking examines minuscule shifts within the pupil when responding to questions, determining the truthfulness of the subject.

Voice Stress Analysis

Voice Stress Analysis was previously employed but has since been deemed to lack reliability. This method examines changes in voice’s loudness, tone, and pitch.

Brain Observations

Functional MRI scans detect the brain’s oxygen consumption, spotlighting which areas are active to deduce if an individual is being deceptive. However, the results from this method are not always reliable.

Nonverbal Behaviour

High-speed cameras capture micro-expressions, which are involuntary facial twitches. These can indicate whether an individual exhibits truthful or deceptive behaviours. Yet, numerous studies deem it inconsistent.


Compounds like Ethanol, Sodium Thiopental, and Cannabis, among several others, have been traditionally used to extract details from individuals involuntarily. Though many substances have been tried, none prove universally effective.

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Choosing A Reputable Lie Detection Company

Selecting A Trustworthy Lie Detection Test In Belfast. How Do You Determine the Optimal Service in Belfast? What Criteria Should Guide Your Decision? What are the vital criteria when selecting a firm to conduct a Lie Detector Test in Belfast for you?

Foremost, ascertain if the examiner possesses the necessary qualifications. Are they affiliated with the American Polygraph Association, and can their membership be verified there? Additionally, are they part of the UK Polygraph Association?

Every examiner at Lie Detectors UK is an Advanced APA Specialist, regularly updated with contemporary training, employing state-of-the-art equipment and methods. Our operations are wholly transparent, prioritizing client-centric professional services. We facilitate tests at our central office, your residence, or a nearby venue we arrange for the session and evaluation. Reach out to us today at 0207 859 4960 to discuss your situation with a Specialist, ensuring that a Lie Detector Test in Belfast aligns with your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, Private Polygraph Examiner reports aren’t recognised by UK courts, even though the UK Government employs over 40 Polygraph Examiners who evaluate sex offenders on probation and terror suspects. Our primary clientele consists of private individuals and businesses both within the UK and overseas. Lie Detectors UK chiefly handles relationship-focused inquiries, but we also address issues like allegations, theft, and a variety of other scenarios, including Pre-Employment evaluations in Belfast Lie Detector.

Termed as the Polygraph, this instrument gauges the physiological responses of an individual when questioned. These physiological markers encompass blood pressure, pulse rate, breathing patterns, skin conductance, and physical movements.

There is absolutely no pain experienced during a Polygraph Test in Belfast. Some slight unease might be felt due to the blood pressure cuff during the assessment, but each session lasts only about three to four minutes.

The duration largely hinges on the case specifics and the individual being tested. Typically, the entire process spans roughly two hours, never less than ninety minutes. It’s split into the pre-test, the actual examination, and the post-test segments.

Upon concluding the test, results will be verbally communicated if the Belfast Examiner doesn’t deem a second opinion necessary, enabling a comprehensive discussion about your test with the Lie Detectors UK Examiner in Belfast. An exhaustive report will subsequently be furnished, either digitally or as a hard copy – or both if desired. If printing onsite isn’t feasible due to location constraints, we’ll dispatch a copy via mail at no added charge.

In Belfast, scheduling a UK Lie Detector Test is straightforward, expedient, and discreet. Before finalising a slot, we prefer an initial conversation to ascertain the suitability of your case for a Polygraph Examination. A non-refundable fee of £150 is required, post which you’ll receive your Belfast appointment details and the examiner’s contact information for any pre-test communication. Direct online booking on our portal is also available.

It’s less about question quantity and more about the core issue. For optimal precision in a Polygraph Test in Belfast, we advocate single-issue evaluations. Diminishing the question count to cut costs isn’t feasible. Engaging in a multi-issue Lie Detector Test, where numerous topics are broached, substantially drops accuracy. At Lie Detectors UK, such tests are infrequent and clients are duly informed of their reduced accuracy compared to single-issue tests.

A non-refundable deposit of £150 is procured when you schedule a Lie Detector Test in Belfast. This ensures the examinee’s commitment to undergo the Lie Detector Test in Belfast. After securing this, we earmark a slot and finalise logistics. Outstanding balances are settled on the test day through our card machine.

Our rates are consistently clear-cut. At our main office, the fee stands at £399, all-inclusive. Offsite, it’s £499, all-inclusive. Should a supplementary test be needed, we offer it at a reduced price. Relationship-oriented tests comprise over 70% of our assignments, with individuals keen to validate their honesty. The residual 30% encompasses cases of accusations, theft, and pre-employment evaluations.


Maria Neophytou
Maria Neophytou
We went yesterday and saw Jason, lovely man x He went above and beyond to help us x Very professional can not recommend him enough, explained everything to us so thoroughly and really made us feel at ease and we got the outcome we wanted x Thank you so much Jason.
Bart McClaran
Bart McClaran
So glad I chose Lie Detectors UK to prove my innocence, thanks Jason for making a highly stressful situation much easier.
Kate Fairs
Kate Fairs
I never thought I'd be put in a position to have to do a lie detector test but after 6years of being accused of cheating I decided to do the test for my own peace of mind. I had visions of the jeremy Kyle show but everything was explained to me and Jason put me at as much ease as he could. After getting the true result I wanted it cleared my name and made me realise the whole issue was deeper within my partner as he made every excuse to not believe the test. The test is 100% accurate as I could not control what my body was doing it will only give a result of lying if you are lying. Jason was brilliant with aftercare to myself and my partner and I cannot thank him enough for what he done. Finally i have closure that I needed and I recommend anybody to do this test and with this company if you are ever in that position I found myself in!
Lee Cutmore
Lee Cutmore
Got in touch to ask about taking a lie detector test due to problems within a relationship I was part of. Jason was great with comms, honest and sincere after I explained my predicament to him. His honesty stretched to the point where we both agreed that taking the test wasn’t in my best interests due to the circumstances I am in and for me that’s highly commendable. Thank you Jason, integrity is high on my agenda and I can safely say it is on yours too after our recent comms.
Darren Holloway
Darren Holloway
Could not have been any happier with the service. Jason was informative and friendly from the off and did everything he could to make everybody feel comfortable and at ease. Had five people in total we wanted testing and he found the guilty party in two. Would highly recommend this exceptionally professional service to anybody needing it.
TML Cars
TML Cars
Jason is extremely professional would recommend to all.

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